How to Play to Win – A No Deposit Bingo Bonus Guide for Beginners

Are you just starting to play free no deposit bingo for fun or free bingo games for cash? Here are some tips to bear in mind when you pick up your first card:

Tip 1: Eyes Down!

Free bingo games online do not take too long, and are normally over in 15-20 minutes. But as any professional will tell you, that’s 15-20 minutes of focus, focus, focus. So turn off your phone and pay attention to the numbers called – and those on your card. various other distracting devices aside and focus your attention on bingo.

Tip 2: The Fewer Players the Better!

It’s a no brainer – smaller groups mean less competition, fewer cards, and more chance for you to be the one who shouts of “BINGO!”

Tip 3: Spread Your Bets

Choose your cards carefully to cover as wide a variety of number combinations as possible. In theory, at least, you don’t want a card with the sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Tip 4: Don’t Overstretch

More cards means more chances to win, right? Well, unless you have superhuman powers of split concentration, you’re wrong. Far better is to focus – and focus well – on up to three cards when you start playing, especially on new online bingo sites. This will maximise your chances of reacting quickly enough to be able to shout “BINGO!” faster than all of your opponents.

Tip 5: Be Sociable

Online bingo especially offers the opportunity to mix with fellow players from all over the world. Take advantage of the advice that more experienced players will offer, watch how they play the game and how they select their cards, and see if you can spot patterns to their game. Of course, bingo is ultimately all down to luck – so a win today doesn’t mean victory tomorrow – but the professionals are professionals for a reason.

Bingo is Good for the Brain

There’s plenty of academic evidence that learning through play and other kinds of activity is far more effective than locking yourself away with a book for hours. That’s why bingo is so popular with language teachers, who use an adapted version to teach students of all ages vocabulary – whether they are learning English, Polish, French or Swahili. The simplicity of the game is what swings it for bingo, as it’s a concept that even a young child can grasp. But it’s a good pastime for adults too, offering advantages that allow you to:

  • Develop perceptiveness
  • Influence brain development (making new neural connections)
  • Teach logical, spatial and strategic thinking
  • Improve ability to split attention
  • Promote healthy competition and learn how to be a good sport when you lose
  • Exercise concentration
  • Teach fast reactions and train reflexes
  • Improve social ties and provide entertainment