Free Bingo Games Just for Fun? Not in the Films…

Anything that lays down roots in the US is almost guaranteed to enter pop culture. That’s as true for bingo as it is for anything else, and the game plays an important roles in several Hollywood films and big TV productions. Here are just few of them:


Fargo: FX TV’s third season (April 2017) features Ewan McGregor’s character playing in a bingo tournament – which turns out to be the starting point for a series of mysterious and tragic events.


The Babadook: A Canadian-American production ritically acclaimed as 2014’s best horror flick puts one of the characters in a bingo game – which each act demonstrating emotion and fear.


Hotel Transylvania: Who knew Dracula had a 118-year-old daughter running a hotel? This family film is full of delights – including a game of bingo that uses skulls instead of balls for the numbers.


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods: From manga to anime and finally to full-length film, the Japanese showed their love of bingo in this movie. The 2013 production includes a scene in which participants play to win new skills and equipment.


Inglourious Basterds: Quentin Tarantino can make even the least contact game into a bloodbath. In this film, he includes a bingo scene in which the young French protagonist gets flirty with Nazi Germans – before unleashing hell.